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While I was away

Those that stop by regularly just to see if there are any new products listed on the site, or just to window shop-you probably was the first to notice that we had our cyberspace "WE'RE CLOSED" sign up in the window. Well, on July 15th, 2011 - I was suddenly rushed to the hospital because I became very ill.  The story in itself is a best-selling book that is waiting to unfold. But right now I will give you just tidbit of the story. Well, in a nutshell I was diagnosed with Non-hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer. It was a huge shock to me and of course my entire family! For almost two months I was mis-diagnosed for having severe allergies. Then when the day came when my husband had to rush me to the hospital. I found out in the emergency room that I had a large tumor in my chest pressing on my lungs and heart, which made it very difficult to breathe, and also touched a portion of my back. I was told that it was 5cm. I was severely swollen from my head all the way down to my abdomen; I must say it was a painful sight to behold. I also had fluid around my heart which called for emergency surgery. So there I was in the hospital unable to shut down my online store or do anything for that matter. It was a difficult but most meaningful journey that I had ever taken in my life. Overall, I was just so thankful to be alive. When I received the news, I cried for a short few minutes, and then I thought about the words that came out of the Hospitalice mouth as he so gently held my hand, "Your cancer will not spread and it's curable." I saw my life open up again, but in a whole new way. I have never been the same since. Not for one minute did I think of giving up, I was determined to fight to the end. You see, cancer is not a death sentence but an awesome opportunity for God to do the miraculous in your life! So now I am at home recovering, and loving the pace that my healing is going...and that is very fast! Each time I go to the doctor, it's always a good report. This is the kind of God I serve, He takes care of His own, and is not slack concerning His promises that He tells us in the Holy Bible.

Meanwhile, the Royalty Spa Collection continued to thrive while I was in the hospital. I had orders coming in the first week I got home from the hospital. I began to feel sad because I was not able to formulate them. One customer I had to give her a full refund, because I was too sore and weak to do anything. But I began to think about it, my business has been good to me, so I needed to find a way to be good to it. No sooner than I said that to myself, one of my consultants placed a rather large order. I looked at my dear mother, who had traveled over 500 miles to be by my side and said, "Mother will you help me make some money?" Of course she said yes. (lol) My mother grabbed a bowl and spoon, I sat there gave her the ingredients to add, and she went to work! It was one of the most happiest moments of my life, to share my passion with my mama. The morale of this story is, life goes on when you cannot, but you must find a way to keep up. Never let your dream die. Long live the Royalty Spa Collection, and I bless God everyday for my new and returning customers - even though some of you walked right past the "WE' RE CLOSED" sign and did your royal shopping anyway. (lol - Don't worry - I forgive you!)

As of today we have officially opened back up for business, and we have some new products on the way. Thank you all for your continued support, and thank you for helping me keep my dream alive. Many blessings and much love be bestowed upon you from heaven above.

I am now looking forward to a bright healthy future, and many more customers for the Royalty Spa Collection - so keep watching (and shopping)!


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