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Last week I had an out-patient surgery, and I am now stationed in my bed, trusting the Lord for a speedy recovery.  I am not complaining because at this point in my life resting is good, but it makes my "forever busy brain" create over and over again! New ideas, new formulations, a new way of doing, new, new!!!  Well, in the Spring I will be creating gift baskets for those who would like to purchase them for those special holidays and loved-ones.  Usually, when I create new products, it's inspired by wonderful customers! Recently,  have been getting requests for me to formulate products for ethnic hair and skin.  Well, since I have been lying in my "restful bed of thoughts" I have a few great things in mind such as: hair butter, 2-in-1 hair & body shampoo, hair spritzer, and hair detangler.  All these products will be a special treat for those who wear natural hair styles, and also work awesome wonders for those who use relaxers. You will have the option of buying the complete set, or buying each item separate. I hope that you will enjoy my new creations.  Meanwhile, I have listed below six skin savers that accomodate any skin care regimen.

  • Invest in two moisturizers to care for your skin properly. Good ones will protect and keep your skin from getting dry, sallow, and lack luster. You need a daily moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15-30--no matter what your complexion may be.  Besides safeguarding against skin cancer, sunscreen can prevent melasma (mask of pregnancy) and hyperpigmentation. At night, use SPF-free moisturizer that intensively treats your top skin concern (acne, aging, dry or oily skin).
  • Avoid sleeping on your face. This position encourages irritation from hair product residue on your pillowcase.
  • Treat your skin to monthly facials. DIY or get a professional cleansing to keep skin clear and breakouts at bay.
  • Kick the habit! Don't smoke. Besides releasing some thousand odd toxins onto your skin, smoking constricts blood vessels and deprives skin of the oxygen it needs to stay radiant and healthy.
  • Don't yo-yo diet. Gaining and losing weight puts stress on skin's elasticity, and over time, the skin won't spring back into shape as readily.
  • Invest in a gentle scrub. We can formulate a customized facial scrub for you here at the RSC. We will create a formulation with superfine granules to buff away and dissolve dead cells and leave your skin renewed and aglow.


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