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Tub or Shower?



  • Your limbs become slightly buoyant in bathwater.  This causes a drop in muscle tension, making the bath a good way to relax.  A shower is more invigorating, probably because of the temperature disparity-part of your body is exposed to hot water and the rest to cooler air-and the fact that you're standing instead of reclining.
  • Taking baths can ease arthritis, muscle injuries, skin maladies, and poor circulation.  Combining baths and massage therapy will often alleviate stress.
  • Before entering a bath or shower, always test the water temperature at the tap with your elbow, which is more sensitive to heat than your hand.  Heaters in some homes can bring the water to a scalding 145F (62.8C).
  • People with heart trouble should take cool or warm-but never hot--baths.  When the water is hotter than normal body temperature, the body tries to compensate by expanding the blood vessels near the surface of the skin.  This can cause a drop in blood pressure.
  • Every few days, stay in the bath or shower long enough to soften dead skin on your feet, elbows, and elsewhere.  Our Collection includes wonderful sugar scrubs for your feet, and body.  Try applying them with a wet pumice stone, loofah, or abrasive puff.  After removing rough skin, rinse off and apply our Baby So Soft Hand Lotion (yes! it works excellent on your body too!) or our Whipped Shea Butter.
  • No talcum powder?  You can substitute cornstarch (unless you're allergic) if you like dusting after a bath.
  • Coming soon! You can also use our wonderful body oils to add moisture and fragrance to your skin.  Be careful when getting out of your tub, because it will get slippery, for extra safety, we suggest that you apply the bath oil on your damp skin soon after you step out of the tub or shower.  Blot skin with a dry clean towel. 
  • For that winter itch, and to prevent your skin from drying out, try dissolving 1/2 cup of our bath sea salts.  We have a variety of choices available for purchase in our webstore.


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