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A Leap of Faith

Have you ever wanted something so bad you could taste it? This is what I feel everytime I think of the Royalty Spa Collection. Many of the things I have going on now is simply because I took a leap of faith.  The passion and drive I have for this company breathes and lives even when others don't understand WHY I do what I do to keep this dream moving.  There has not been one day that has gone by since 2008 that I don't do something to build this company.  Sometimes we tend to wait on people or resources to get moving, when all we need is faith.  I've come to realize that people are looking for something that will be there to share with their families for many years to come.  Sure enough I could look around at all these other bath and beauty companies, but I must stay focused on what God has given me.  I can't allow myself to get off focus or even intimidated by all that going on around me.  I can see and feel the growth and success in my heart, and that's what I must hold on to.  I see the product consultants coming from every corner of the earth, and that is what I must continue to believe.  A leap of faith, is just that-being bold enough to leap out on the unknown, but having the courage to do so, even when you don't always know what to expect.  So therefore, I am looking forward to being on television sharing with the world about my products, recruiting new consultants, and hosting spa parties in my city.  I am excited about the future of this company, and I am working tiredlessly everyday to hit my targets of success.

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