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For several weeks now I have been debating if I should start to write more personal blogs on this site, or keep all the things I wanted to say about my company bottled up on the inside. Well, sadly to say, I decided to hold on to it.  Amazingly, I didn't think about what I would do, just in case I couldn't keep quiet.  Since Facebook is everybody's hang-out spot, I think I second guessed myself.  Besides, who's going to stop by my website just to read what I have to say? Just as my customers stop in to shop, They will probably be interested in knowing my thoughts as the owner of this company.   

Sometimes we can get so consumed by what others are doing, we never think about what we as an individual "should" be doing.  As a woman of God, and a minister of the Gospel, I must remember that my blessing is wrapped up in what the Lord has predestined for me to do. There are numerous organic skincare companies out there, but everyone has their own special niche' that sets them apart from others. As business owners we all are guilty of the GOOGLE ITCH, we just gotta google other companies in the same field to see what they are doing, and that can be a hinderance in many ways. We start to want what others have,  or admire AND sometimes envy the beauty of their websites, and even their beautiful  success stories; but you will never know the full story of what it took for them to get there.   

So it is with my day-to-day work I put in with RSC, every sale I get goes back into the company to expand and grow it.  I wished I could tell you that I got a huge loan from the bank or had some thousands of dollars laying around just for start-up cost, but unfortunately that's not my story.  God gave me the vision for this company, and I think I had maybe a couple of hundred dollars when I started. I had to deal with the skeptics of people not wanting to try my products just because I create them in my kitchen with my hands. I guess they viewed it like food, you just can't eat everybody's cookin'! lol....but overall, I knew deep down inside that I had a great product, the challenge was making people believe me. And even now that I have several loyal customers, that challenge is still on the table-I know that many potential customers drop in every now and then just to see what I have to offer, but still they have yet to purchase.  Attention all bystanders - I am asking that you give this company a try, and you will agree that I am a passionate SBO (small business owner) with a vision to provide people with a quality product.  

I can humbly say that every jar and bottle you recieve represents the dedication and work I put in with each order to make sure you get satisfaction guaranteed.  Therefore, I say this; if you like it...that's awesome, if you don't...please let me know so I can work a little harder to make it better.

You may be a natural skincare junkie, and have your bathroom and bedroom filled with all sorts of goodies.  I am just requesting  that you add my products to your stash.  One thing for sure, the Royalty Spa Collection will be that one company you will find yourself telling everyone about.  As my mother would say, "The proof is in the pudding". And that statement is so true,  because you never know if you are going to like it, unless you taste it; and oh! by the way did I mention that all my sugar body scrubs are edible? Sorry, kinda got off the subject, as I was saying - if you have never ordered from my company before, you need to step out on faith and give it a try, and better than that, if you email me and make mention of this particular blog, I will grant you free shipping on your very first order. Now that's elegant royalty!  

I look forward to hearing from you soon....

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