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"Spearmint" a Blessing


One thing I really enjoy about the profession I have chosen to go into is that I can incorporate my business with no hinderances whatsover.  As I approach closer to the time for me to graduate from Cosmetology School, it seems as if the word is spreading like wildfire about the Royalty Spa Collection. I am not one to always walk around pushing what I do on others, I just share one of my royal samples with one of my classmates, and sit back and watch the word of mouth bring excited customers my way. So with that being said, today while at school, I entered the breakroom to prepare to sit down to eat and enjoy my lunch.  Before I could sit down, one of the young ladies starting singing my name (and yes these are her exact words-lol), "Traaaaaaacy, girlllllllllll, that 'face stuff' (spearmint body scrub) you gave me that you made, Oh! I gotta get a big bottle of that! My skin felt so good, and the breakout I had on my face is clearing up, and the dry patch that was on my neck is gone!" I began to chuckle, because she was caressing her face the whole time, and then started telling everybody, "Y'all better get some, ooooooooh!" It was evident that one of my best sellers have made the Royal headlines again.  Each of my spearmint products are known to heal, soothe, and clear up the most difficult of skin conditions.  I had no idea that it would impact lives in such a way until that day I made the very first sale; and it has been a winner ever since!  Intially, I created the body scrub just because it smelled so good, and I knew that it would feel really nice on the skin.  But the formulation was one that God was giving me to change the lives of others.  Testimonial after testimonial, order after order, the spearmint body scrub, body oil, bath sea salts, bath oil, and bath gel continues to make a believer out of the most skeptic person who comes across this website.  So if you are trying to figure out what you should buy first, don't just take it from me, but check out what my customers are saying HERE - and get ready to "Spearmint" a blessing! 

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