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As we all know, the world's economy is still in a challenging position. Many families are feeling the devasting affects of it, and so are small and large businesses. Here's my personal testament of observation: One day while I was making my usual run to the post office to ship off orders, I immediately caught a serious attitude when I noticed that the flat rate shipping prices had increased quite a bit. I thought to myself, "How in the world am I going to deal with this and still offer a fair shipping cost to my customers?" Although, in the past if your shipping was less than or more than the usual costs, I charged $8.50 for every order across the board, and everyone was fine with it. But now with the post office's huge price increase, I am forced to charge $12.50 for shipping, many of you have not been very happy with that, and I totally understand.

Today, the whole ordeal just bothered me so much, until I was determined to come up with a solution to this problem. I have decided to still charge $12.50 for shipping, however if you purchase $50.00 or more in products, there will be no charge to you. This is a sure way for everyone to continue to enjoy the blessing that RSC has been to every household, at the same token save money, and our company will continue to prosper.  There are so many other opportunities that we are currently working on to provide you with great deals and incredible discounts. Meanwhile, contact your friends and family, let them know about our free shipping, and then work together to place at least a $50 order to begin to enjoy your royal benefits today!

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